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Factory Direct Amsoil commercial account gets you immediate Wholesale Pricing for Your Business!
Companies purchasing Amsoil lubricants for use in company vehicles or equipment, qualify for an AMSOIL Commercial Account.

The AMSOIL Commercial Account enables you to purchase AMSOIL Products at wholesale commercial prices, which is up to 30% below retail price, exclusively for use in your business vehicles or equipment.

Who Should Apply for a Commercial Account?

• Trucking Companies
• Taxi Fleets
• Golf Courses
• Farms
• Construction Companies
• Manufacturing
• Municipalities
• Government Agencies

Amsoil Commercial account buys wholesale and has various products for your whole fleet!

Deep Discounts + Savings from Less Down time & Extended Drain Interval

AMSOIL understands the need to keep business operating cost to the bare minimum. The commercial account provides just that! Get your account today to take advantage of the immense savings on the tap.

Extended drain interval properties of AMSOIL lubricants saves hundreds of thousands of dollars for an average fleet. When vehicles are equipped with our optional by-pass filtration system, fleets can indefinitely extend drain intervals based on oil analysis.

 Cost Analysis: Do you want to learn how much your company can save by switching to AMSOIL lubricants? Use the cost calculator to detail company vehicles and equipments. It will work out a cost analysis custom report for your company. AMSOIL is widely used in commercial application. AMSOIL can save hundreds of thousands of dollars for your company. We will show you how your company can take advantage of AMSOIL products.

Additional discounts with volume ordering up to another 10% off of wholesale prices and freight discounts as well

U.S. Commercial Freight Discount Schedule

AMSOIL INC. offers freight bill discounts based on the order

total, provided that the order is shipped to one destination.

This discount is calculated on the total of the order before

taxes, discounts or any miscellaneous charges are applied.

• One half freight is paid if the order totals

$4,500.00 to $8,999.99

• Full freight is paid if the order totals

$9,000.00 or more

U.S. AMSOIL Commercial Account

Purchase Discounts

Commercial accounts are eligible for a purchase discount

on product orders.The discount is based on the total gross

purchases (cumulative) during the previous 12 months plus the

current order being placed.

Purchase Discount Schedule

Total Account Cost of Order Deduct This Amount

$1,500.00 to $4,499.99 = 2% additional discount beyond the wholesale price

$4,500.00 to $7,499.99 = 4% additional discount beyond the wholesale price

$7,500.00 to $10,499.99 = 6% additional discount beyond the wholesale price

$10,500.00 to $15,499.99 = 8% additional discount beyond the wholesale price

$15,500.00 or more, additional 10% off discount beyond the wholesale price

Does Your Business Qualify?

1) Must be a registered business with your state/province

2) Must use the vehicles as a direct part of the business.

If so let's get started! The information application is below
• The account set-up is totally free !
• There are no minimum order requirements to keep your account !

Fill out the form below and we will process your application within 2 business days.


If your business doesn't qualify, maybe the Amsoil dealership account is best for you. For Amsoil Online dealership application and information CLICK HERE

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